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Growtopia is a game similar to terraria where you farm and build stuff, there are a lot of items and you can buy all of them with ingame currency called World & Diamond Locks.

Diamond Locks and World Locks are the most popular ones for trading, you can buy them ingame but the prices are 5x higher so why not buy it from our Growtopia Item Shop.

If you ask yourself how do i get rich in growtopia it is by buying items from us, we will deliver them to your world via trade or donation box easy and fast. When it comes to growtopia items there is no better place than us

The game was made in 2012 for pc and it expanded to various platforms like android, ios, Nintendo switch, xbox and PlayStation. The game is a freemium game you can play it completely free but you can buy power-ups from our store or the official one.

If you made any purchase or need any help feel free to contact us over live chat located in the right corner or over email we reply very fast. Click on contact to find details on how we can be reached over discord or email.

Growtopia Diamond Locks

They are a fancy version of the World Lock and they actually do the same thing to protect your world that you only have access. You can buy them here

Growtopia World Locks

The most used currency in the game, it can be traded for any item and you can use them on your worlds too to protect them and make them your own. You can buy them here

About Growtopia

Our store sells all kind items for growtopia but the game is trendy and here is a brief history of the game.

It is a 2d MMO game where you farm items and build various stuff on your world all worlds and the resources on them are randomly generated.

You can visit various worlds and that is why it is an MMO game, now to make a world your own you need locks (we sell the locks that are the main currency ingame) You can trade with other players and they can help you develop your world too.

Once a player locks the world it is considered his and he can change all kind of settings of the world and the player can name it.

Why is the game so popular, first it is fun to play and very easy so kids enjoy it and the second main reason is it is available on many platforms, you can play it on pc, phones and consoles. Bellow are some comments from our customers.


Really good prices and delivers fast. I bought twice and iam 100% happy.


Return buyer always good service and fast i don't know how many locks i bought already.


Delivery was done in about 1hour after purchase i am very happy now.


Great site, helped me in growtopia can only recommend, best place to buy locks.