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Growtopia Locks

Growtopia locks for sale at Grotopia Items Shop. Buy cheap Growtopia locks delivered to your world over trade or donation box.

Locks function as the main trading currency and used to lock worlds and areas.

What are Growtopia blue gem locks?Growtopia Blue Gem Locks are locked in the game "Growtopia" that are used to secure items and protect them from theft or destruction by other players. Blue Gem Locks are considered the strongest type of lock available in the game and provide the highest level of ..
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Growtopia Diamond Locks for sale. Buy Growtopia DLS cheap and fast from our shop, we will deliver them directly to your world over trade or donation box.How do I buy it?First select how many Diamond Locks you need, you can increase the numbers near the add to cart button. Then enter your growid..
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You can buy from our store Growtopia World Locks cheap and fast, It is the main currency ingame and you can buy them for real money from us.How do I buy Growtopia World Lock and how will I get them?The minimum amount is 100 locks and you can increase the number in the quantity box to how many you li..
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