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Buy Growtopia Dls

Buy Growtopia Dls
Buy Growtopia Dls
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Growtopia Diamond Locks for sale. Buy Growtopia DLS cheap and fast from our shop, we will deliver them directly to your world over trade or donation box.

How do I buy it?

  • First select how many Diamond Locks you need, you can increase the numbers near the add to cart button. Then enter your growid and your world name add it to cart and pay. After the payment, we will come to your world and trade you the diamond locks in growtopia the game.
  • We will deliver your purchase in less than 60min, in some rare occasion it can take longer. We are working from 10 am-01 am german time.
  • If you are not online right now, you can of course email us when you are available for the delivery, to do so just reply to our order email with any question or information that you need. If you have any other kind of questions feel free to contact us on the same email or click the contact link to get our email address.
  • The more you buy the better the price if you buy 20 or more the price is 2$ per lock.

Why should you buy Diamond Locks in growtopia and how are they created?

  • The answer is straightforward it is one of the main currencies in growtopia, you can then use it to buy anything else that you want from other players.
  • It is created when you combine 100 growtopia world locks you get a diamond lock you can double click to get back 100 world locks.
  • The only difference is that they shine when placed nothing else and that they are used for high-value trades because you can place more of them in a single trade.

If you need any kind of support, you can use our live chat to send us a message it is located in the right corner, if you don't see it please disable your ad blocker and then send us a message.


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